Pastry Course Day Twenty-two: DIY decorative sponge cake and milk based bavarois

by Rachel on 25/04/2012

in Adventures

cakies' pastry challenge

On this day we proceeded with the decorative sponge cakes and bavarois. This time we made the sponge cakes ourselves, without a 3D mat. You won’t get a 3D effect, but you can do other fun stuff with it.

Together with the person I was working with I made a decorative sponge cake filled with little squares. It was quite a job to get it all done, but the endresult was worth it!

For the filling of the cake we made a bavarois based on milk. We made the bavarois first and added some macaron and chocolate pieces to the filling. The combination was delicious! Definitely something I’ll make again.

Bavarois (big)

Bavarois (big)


Bavarois (small)

Bavarois (small)


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